truth revealed

Me and Mengly j Quach have been live together for 10 years relationship, I support his school for 10 years until he finish his medical school and ready to be a doctor in USA. good life should get started, instead, he intentional break up with me and left me with nothing, no money, no career, no love, all his 10 year promise become to zero and marry to his own cousin from Cambodia. this is the cold fact: he earn his degree and want to go . If I am that bad, why mengly J quach stay with me for 1o years? and suddenly find out I am bad after he receive his doctor degree? and he even try to keep my personal money, until the police order mengly j quach to pay me back my money he hold of $19k, and he also went to jail for that. He still hold my money total $75000 which lend to his brother Andrew quach and his aunt from Cambodia for her business of rice peel machine and promise to pay with interest( who is his mother in law now), he promise again and again to return the money to me, until now I found him 18 years later, he crying and said he have no money, his family don’t even have $100k , he even can’t pay off his student loan until he dead, I was shocked, I used to love this man, I was shocked by the truth of Mengly J quach, ………

more truth story pictures and video of Mengly J Quach coming soon,

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